Choosing a Spit Roast Caterer

For your wedding, corporate event or private function

Choosing the right Spit Roast Caterer is important but can be hard.  Below is a list of the main areas you should consider when choosing a spit roast caterer for your event.  You can read more about frequently asked questions.

Choosing a spit roast caterer

Services Offered By A Spit Roast Caterer

  • Check they have a commercial kitchen to prepare food from.
  • Check that the catering company has an A grade food hygiene license.
  • Does the caterer transport food as per their food control plan and in a  enclosed van or truck.
  • Identify that the caterer has sufficient kitchen space and service staff to look after your requirements or do they have agency staff available.
  • Can the caterer supply appropriate equipment?
  • Does the catering company have great testimonials from worthy companies and clients?

A Grade Kitchen

Food Hygiene”A” Grade certificate commercial premises assures the public that the caterer conducts regular health inspections and that their key staff is appropriately trained.

Visit Where The Food Is Cooked?

Does the catering company use the commercial premise to prepare your food?

Food Transportation

It is a provision in The Health Act requires that food must be transported below 4° or above 65°. Violation of this provision can cause food poisoning to guests.


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