Finger Food Menus

Finger Food Menus

Our Finger Food menus are a perfect way to entertain your staff at company get together’s, quiz nights, team building events or any occasion where you need something small and delicious.  You could be having a birthday party or family get together at home.  We can deliver the Finger Food menu to you or we can stay and hand it around to your guests.  Everyone will be impressed and you can enjoy your event instead of running around organising food.

Individual finger foods priced per item

Items $2.50 per selected item

  • Club sandwich selection
  • Sausage rolls
  • Mince savouries
  • Potato top savouries
  • Bacon and egg savouries
  • Spinach and feta savouries
  • Foccaccia with dipping sauces

Items $3.00 per selected item

Warm crispy bread cases
Choose from four fillings:Finger Food Gourmet Tortilla Wraps

  • Smoked kowhai and dill cream mouse
  • Bacon, egg, corn and tomato
  • Peppered cream mushroom
  • Green thai chicken curry

Gourmet tortilla wraps
Choose one filling:

  • Roast vegetable and pumpkin seeds
  • Salami, cheddar cheese & pickles
  • Roast chicken, pesto and cream cheese
  • Tuna, lemon mayo and spanish onion

Items $3.50 per selected item

  • Mini filo cups with artichoke, feta and basil pesto
  • Mini filo cups with rosemary, thyme smoked chicken and onion jam
  • Mini filo cups with peppered beef, aioli and rocket
  • Mini filo cups with lamb and mint relishFinger Food Club Sandwich
  • Dry rubbed or sweet n sour chicken nibbles
  • Pepperdews stuffed with ricotta and chives
  • Pumpkin and feta risotto cakes with tandoori chicken
  • Chorizo sausage brioche rolls with seeded mustard mayonnaise
  • Cocktail burger with pork and shitake mushroom or venison fig pattie
  • Fresh herd potato rosti with feta and parmesan
  • Honey, oyster and soy chicken nibbles
  • Mexican Dry rubbed pork rib fingers

Items $4.00 per selected item

  • Salmon crostini with dill cream mouse
  • Prawn skewer with lemon olive oil
  • Prawn twisters with soy and coriander dipping sauce
  • Chilli and lime lamb balls skewers

Items $5.20 per selected item

Mini croissants, baps or bagels
Choose your filling

  • Roast chicken, cranberry, camembert and cherry tomato
  • Honey glazed ham with seeded mustard mayo, brie and rocket
  • Smoked salmon with brie, guacamole and sundried tomatoes
  • Peppered beef and brandy lemon dressing
  • Vegetarian salad selections
  • Sushi Presentation with pickled dikon, ginger, soy sauce, wasabi and chopsticks

Gluten Free Options

$3.50  Hash Bites
$2.00  Corn Chips
$5.00  Tempura fish fillets
$3.50 Chicken Nibbles

Authentic Asian Cuisine priced per item
$4.00 Pork dumplings skewer pan fried with soy and sesame dressing
$4.00 Lantern vegetable dumplings deep fried with plum sauce
$4.00 Chicken dim sims skewer with Thai sweet chilli
$3.50 Steamed BBQ pork bun
$4.00 Pork meatball with chilli coriander dressing
$4.00 Spring prawn roll with coriander lime dressing
$4.00 Deep fried pork wonton money bags with toasted sesame seeds
$3.50 Curry rice roll

Vegetarian Bites priced per item
$3.50 Broccoli and cheese nuggets
$4.00 Crumbed mushroom and mozzarella risotto cakes
$2.50 Battered onion rings
$3.50 Feta and spinach roll angles
$3.50 Falafel feta quinoa cakes with fresh tomato salsa
$3.50 Gluten free hash bites

Finger food platters below you will receive one or more items per menu selection
Minimum of 20 people for the below platters

Menu A – $7.90 per person

  • Nacho chips with salsa
  • Rock salted roast peanuts
  • Potato chip selection with dips

Menu B- $12.00 per person

  • Mixed savoury and sausage roll selection
  • Mixed club sandwiches
  • Chicken and asparagus roll
  • French bread rounds with smoked salmon and smoked chicken, mescaline and tomato

Menu C – $14.50 per person

  • Mixed club sandwiches
  • Pork won tons and spring rolls with thai sweet chilli sauce
  • Samosas with doris plum sauce
  • Honey soy glazed chicken nibbles

Spit Roast Finger Food Menu D – $16.50 per person

Choose Two

  • Spit roast prime seasoned beef
  • Spit roast pork with awesome crackling
  • Spit roast seasoned chicken
  • Spit roast glazed ham on the bone

Served with appropriate condiments and freshly baked bap buns.

Menu E – $18.50 per person

  • Spring roll, samosas, curry puffs and won tons all with thai sweet chilli & plum sauce
  • Crumbed scallop and mussels with tartare sauce
  • Pizza slices
  • Mixed savoury and mini club sandwiches

Menu F – $20.50 per person

  • Fresh roasted vegetables wrapped in tortilla
  • Crumbed seafood with lemon dressing
  • Mixed savouries
  • Club sandwiches
  • Half shell pacific oysters with lemon wedge
  • Glazed tandoori chicken satay’s with Greek yoghurt

All prices include GST for all these menus. You will get at least one item per person.

“You’ll love it all”

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